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The process of lime production involves the heating of limestone above its dissociation temperature. The process of heating is called calcinations, which is highly endothermic. The dissociation temperature of CaCO3 (calcite) is about 9000 C. During limestone dissociation, the reaction is facilitated by the continuous removal of CO2 evolved during Calcination. The chemical reaction to produce lime is represented below: CaCO3 (solid) + heat ↔ CaO (solid) + CO2 (gas)

This Manual Kiln is easy to install and made in such a manner that they meet every requirement of the industry. Due to their outstanding features and high quality, these products are extensively demanded all over the world. We use innovative technologies and top grade materials in manufacturing these plants, this type of kiln make in vertical form. This type of kiln made by outside Bricks and from inside fire bricks Kilns employ variety of fuels namely:- Wood, pet coal, The type of fuel to be used will depend on the economics and local legal requirements

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